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Why do we love DIY’ers? Because they are amazing people that’s why 🙂

If you like to turn wrenches and get tech...this is just for you

We supply all the needed tutorials and equipment for you to install your DIY security system. And Not just any system, but a professionally installed system, but by you. Traditionally security companies only sell and support lower end-cheap equipment fro their DIY products. We don’t supply cheap 2nd & 3rd class equipment to do so. We only issue and support the best technology available. This way, you win on both ends!

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Order it today and install it tomorrow. Find out how easy it is to get started and build your system now.

Customize your system

Pick what you wan to start out with and checkout now.
when choosing DIY you control the entire process.

Our DIY Guarantee

Just because we didn’t install it doesn’t mean we don’t warranty it. We still provide our full replacement warranty on all security and automation equipment when supplied and monitored by us.

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