Drive down any concerns with more and more safety measures.

When emergencies happen, seconds matter. We eliminate worry.

In your home, if smoke, fire, carbon, flood or any other Life Saftey concerns arise, know that every sensor is directly connected to our central station and we will: 1.) Instantly deploy out the local authorities up signals. 2.) Contact you to verify or confirm. 3.) If it is a false alarm, we then call off the local authorities. This way, we do not waste any time between, just in case it is a real emergency.

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Smoke Detection

Our smoke detectors just don’t make noise when something is wrong. They call into the central station and say HELP HELP HELP. Also, if you have our Smart Thermostat, your air A/C system will shut off in the event of a smoke or fire emergency to stop the flow of oxygen, which increases fire and heat.

Carbon Detection

The silent killer in the home is carbon monoxide when it burns bad or is leaking you typically never know until something goes wrong without warning. Not anymore with our C02 Detector. Have the peace of mind to keep yourself safe from unwanted exposure and air quality in your home.

Flood Detection

Be proactive, not reactive. Never have a leaky pipe or water heater unnoticed again. This little sensor can save you and your insurance company thousands and thousands of hidden damages. One alert to your phone is the difference between a lot of headaches and a relaxing afternoon.

Medical Pendants

Let’s make sure no one ever gets left alone in an emergency. We love protecting those in need. The medical and fall pendant has the ability to provide securement and eliminate personal anxiety when left alone.

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Are you ready for protection?

‘Secure’ the Home

✔ Central Station Monitoring
✔ Wireless Two-Way Voice
✔ Dual Path Technology
✔ Police Panic
✔ Fire Panic
✔ Medical Panic
✔ Severe Weather Alerts
✔ Weather to the Panel

‘Control’ the Home


✔ Lights
✔ Lights
✔ Thermostats
✔ Garage Door Control
✔ Water Management
✔ Energy Monitoring
✔ Irrigation Control
✔ Solar Integration
✔ Rule Based Automation
✔ Geo-fencing

‘See’ the Home


✔ Live Video Monitoring
✔ Video Recording and Alerts
✔ Video Clip Playback
✔ Video Analytics
✔ Digital Smart Zones
✔ Digital Trip Wires
✔ Basic Doorbell
✔ Remote Video Storage
✔ Stand-alone Video
✔ A.I. Movement Detection

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