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We don’t make things un-Clear or confusing. You pay for what you get. That’s it. Never pay for something you don’t have or use.

‘Secure’ the Home


✔ Central Station Monitoring
✔ Wireless Two-Way Voice
✔ Dual Path Technology
✔ Police Panic
✔ Fire Panic
✔ Medical Panic
✔ Severe Weather Alerts
✔ Weather to the Panel


‘Control’ the Home


✔ Lights
✔ Lights
✔ Thermostats
✔ Garage Door Control
✔ Water Management
✔ Energy Monitoring
✔ Irrigation Control
✔ Solar Integration
✔ Rule Based Automation
✔ Geo-fencing

‘See’ the Home


✔ Live Video Monitoring
✔ Video Recording and Alerts
✔ Video Clip Playback
✔ Video Analytics
✔ Digital Smart Zones
✔ Digital Trip Wires
✔ Basic Doorbell
✔ Remote Video Storage
✔ Stand-alone Video
✔ A.I. Movement Detection

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Service that matters.

We don’t try and squeeze customers into lengthy service agreements. We put our service where it should be, which is in route if ever needed, and fast. You should always be able to call your Home Security provider and get answers & help fast. And If you can’t get help and need to change providers, you’re usually stuck in a heavily penalized contract that’s expensive to get out. We take away the contracts, so if we are not Servicing your account as needed, kick us to the curb and find someone else. That is what we mean by “Service that matters.”

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Our Smart Home Experts are the best hands down, and we know it. We only rely on the industry’s best practices to ensure that everything we touch and install is done right the first time, without any questions.

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