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Great Service is the difference

A company built on great service is the difference between a good company and a GREAT company. We are a service driven company with one thing in mind….make sure all of our customers service needs are promptly taken care of.

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Smart Home Equity

Besides adding instant home value in the event of a financial gain at the sale of your home, the personal logistic equity from safety to convenience is priceless. Discover why tens of millions of families cannot live without their Smart Home.

A Smart Home is a Convenient Home

Save $20 per month on your Power BIll

Save $20 per month

On average, homeowners save between 6-10% a month on their electricity bill when they have a Smart Home Thermostat. Control and monitor the most massive power consumption in your home with a Smart Thermostat.

Save $20 per month on your homeowners insurance

Save $20 per month

After your Smart Home system goes online, we will send or give to you at the time of installation a Smart Home Certificate for your insurance company's records. Most insurance companies reward with a discount. Some up to 20%



Setup Geo Fencing so when you are on your way home, your Smart Home knows and gets your home ready for you. Checkout Geofencing in your dashboard today.

Own your Equipment

Own your Equipment

Enjoy the liberty of owning your equipment and picking the best service company. That is our model. We have a simple model and process to own your equipment in a straightforward and affordable way.

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