Meet the Only Smart Home App You Need

Meet the Only Smart Home App You Need

Although smartphone users have 2 million apps at their disposal, it’s rare to find one that genuinely streamlines and simplifies your life.
Take smart home technology. It’s great to control a device with an app, but when you have to download a separate app for each connected device in your home, you end up with a complicated mess, reminiscent of those days when you had five remotes on your coffee table.
There is a better alternative: a smart home security system powered by Clear Home. It connects an entire ecosystem of smart home devices and comes with a single app to interact with them.
You can access and control your security system and a smart thermostat, door locks, lights, the garage door, and more. When you open the app, your smartphone becomes a command center for your entire home.

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Control Everything at Home

In App: Panel Panic

Send a Panic signal directly from the Smart Home App

Video Cameras

Check all of your Doorbell, Outdoor, and Indoor camera feeds.


Not only can you lock & unlock, but you can always see the status of the door lock to be sure it is locked or not.

In App: Cancel / Verify

Cancel and Verify Alarms inside of the Smart Home App.


Turn off on or dim any connected light devices within the Clear Home Smart Home App.


Don’t get out of bed at 2 am to change the thermostat. Just grab the phone, change the temp and roll back over 🙂 

Voice Assistant Ready​

Easily Integrate Google Home or Amazon Alexa into your Smart Home. Tell your home to arm, disarm, turn the lights on, lock the door…pretty much whatever you want to say it will do for your home once connected.

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